Carrie Murphy, LAc specializes in integrative internal medicine, working primarily with patients who are also undergoing biomedical treatment for conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, fibromyalgia, IBS, reflux, anxiety and insomnia. Her main focus is to help patients maximize their vitality while minimizing the number of medications and surgeries they have to undergo. Prevention is the highest form of Chinese medicine, and Carrie also enjoys working with patients who are not ill but feel the stresses of life are beginning to affect their well-being, and want to do something to avoid illness; and patients looking for support during times of healthy change such as pregnancy and menopause. 

She works with a diverse group of patients, from performing artists to corporate lawyers, and welcomes cultural diversity in all its forms. All are welcome. 

Carrie was recognized by Milwaukee Magazine as being one of Milwaukee’s top acupuncturists, and was named one of the city’s best acupuncturists in the Shepherd Express 2011 reader’s poll.

For seven years, Carrie was on the faculty of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, where she served as chair of the Department of Herbal Medicine, taught Integrative Oncology and Integrative Endocrinology, and created and supervised a student acupuncture clinic at Chicago Women's Health Center. Carrie lectures regularly to community groups like Gilda's Club, and at medical conferences and universities. She has recently partnered with Marquette University to provide education outreach and treatment experiences for their faculty, staff, and student body. 

Carrie is a frequent lecturer on the topic of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has spoken to public and private groups, including the following:

In Milwaukee

  1. Gilda's Club - TCM and Integrative Cancer Care* featured on Fox 6 WakeUp

  2. Prism Technical - Stress Management for Small Business Owners

  3. Extreme Moms - Getting Your Mojo Back: Healing After Childbirth

In Chicago

  1. Conference on Aging at Midwestern University, Downers Grove - TCM and Aging

  2. Gilda's Club - TCM and Integrative Cancer Care

  3. YMe Support Group - TCM and Integrative Cancer Care

  4. Endometriosis Support Group - TCM and Hormone Regulation

  5. Pacific College of Oriental Medicine - Teacher Training on Hands-On Techniques for Improving Herb Identification and Classification

  1. Upcoming: Marquette University Faculty Lunch and Learn series - Beat Stress and Boost Vitality with Chinese Medicine

She holds a BA in Philosophy from Sarah Lawrence College, and a Doctoral degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. She is fully licensed in Wisconsin and NCCAOM-certified in Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Oriental Medicine, and Clean Needle Technique nationally. 

Call or text Carrie at (414) 389-8881 or email to schedule an appointment. The initial consultation is free: you can get all of your questions answered and there is no obligation to schedule an appointment.


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